My husband and sister have both contracted NOS, and I fear I may be next. I don’t actually have health care, and can’t afford to make an appointment to find out. I’ve never been so scared in my life; I’m writing this as a last resort. What should I do?
- Desperate in Detroit

Dear Desperate,
There’s no need for concern. GeneCo is currently developing a home-testing kit for Neural Overstimulation Syndrome. Take heart in the fact that NOS is not contracted through physical contact or proximity from those nearby, but it is instead a result of high stress levels, environment and a poor diet. If you still have these concerns, please feel free to stop by your local GeneCo office. It never hurts to get tested, and it’s well worth the cost. It is GeneCo’s goal to make health affordable to all patients, so rest assured we can find a payment plan to make your NOS testing safe and affordable. Remember, with GeneCo, there’s hope!



Daniel from Australia
08/21/2008 00:13

Dear Genterns,
I am looking at changing my apearance to something a little more exotic, with a permanent tan and better looking chest and abs, but I am trying to locate a GeneCo office, but am unable to see if we have one. Can you help on all the above. Also is Zydrate safe?

- Daniel In Australia

Anette Lawrence
12/31/2008 07:24

my father and I have a genetic disorder called ocular albinism. What could be done to cure it? Do you know?

02/05/2009 22:34

i've been helped by you...but i haven't paid my organ since 4 months, it looks like you have forgotten of me... or maybe it was a gift! thank you!

Hugo Torres In Mexico.

08/12/2009 12:35


Ryan in England
04/14/2010 06:18

Dear Genterns

i have one eye that works better then the other one. i have good vision in my right eye but bad vision in my left. how much would it be for a digital cornial implant for just one eye?

05/11/2010 10:11

My dear Generns,

I am wondering just how much it would cost for a new heart? And perhaps lungs too?

Alice from Canada
05/12/2010 10:15

Dear Genterns,
I'm athsmatic and excessive workouts get me out of breath; sometimes I'll need my inhaler. How much would a lung transplant cost monthly?

05/17/2010 18:20

Hello! By any chance do you have a way to cure OCD? I know its a stupid question but....

11/26/2010 22:02

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12/01/2010 01:26

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01/16/2011 23:52

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10/15/2011 12:19

Dear Genterns,

My ADD seems to be getting harder and harder to control in spite of medication. Is there some sort of brain adjustment that can be done to fix it?


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