ASK A GENTERN 08/17/2008

Dear Genterns:
I am due for an organ replacement surgery in a few weeks time. I was wondering what you could tell me about the anesthetic used for Geneco’s surgeries. I am allergic to certain drug ingredients.
Nick in New York

GeneCo uses zydrate. Find out more about here:



02/01/2009 12:05

Zydrate: GeneCo's gift to the world

Abbi Giani
02/09/2009 03:33

Dear Genterns,

I was wondering how Zydrate is made exactly.
I am planning on getting some facial reconstruction done and I am weighing the por's and con's of using this particular drug.

04/28/2009 14:29

Dear Genterns,

A friend of mine had some surgery done recently, but normal pain medication has stopped working for him. Could you please tell me where I or my friend might be able to come by some Zydrate?

Much thanks.
L.M.H. in Connecticut.

05/30/2009 11:31

LMH: Find yourself a nice Graverobber. Trust me, it's WAY cheaper than the lab-made... and it's all-natural!

07/16/2010 16:25

Hey, my names Nikita and I can't locate a nearby Gene.Co. I need a couple surgeries. If you could PLEASE help me find Gene.Co I'd be forever in your debt!! <3


10/09/2011 18:32

Its been my dream to be a Rifleman in the British army, however i have Spondylothesis, another problem with this is by having the operation to repair my spine it will void applications to the forces, do you know of any other way i could repair this and still meet the military's requirements.


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