"I'm a brittle diabetic, and a single mother of two small children. Taking care of them would be difficult enough, but the cost of insulin was making it even worse; the kids took priority, and I figured a halfway healthy diet would be enough to keep me alive. I didn't count on the bruising that my feet would take between work and stepping on their toys - the bruising gave way to cuts, and then infection. The doctor said that the infection, along with the neglecting my insulin, meant that I'd need a kidney transplant to live another two years. I was devastated. He mentioned GeneCo's easy organ financing, but I was sure it'd never work for me due to my terrible credit. However, the financial officers were very sympathetic and offered me terms I couldn't refuse. With a monthly payment low enough that even I could afford it, I was on my way to new kidneys and a new life. While undergoing my first examination by GeneCo's doctors, the sores on my feet and legs were noted, and the possibility of leg transplants was brought up. I said I was just grateful to have my kidneys taken care of; in fact, I'd been gushing to everybody I knew about how amazing GeneCo really is. Maybe it was my story, maybe it was the gratitude, but it caught the attention of Rotti Largo himself. He sent a Gentern down with a proposal - a full-body makeover for a very low monthly payment, in exchange for appearing at the planned Genetic Opera to testify to the world how GeneCo had saved me. How could I say no? Now I have new kidneys, feet, and legs, breast implants, a few small nips and tucks, and new skin to cover up scars and stretch marks. Thanks to GeneCo, I'm not only going to live to see my children graduate, but also look smashing on live TV! Thank you, GeneCo! I can't sing your praises enough!"

- Mary, 28, Los Angeles



12/05/2008 07:59

Wow! I can't wait to hear you sing at the Genetic Opera!

02/18/2009 18:06

I saw you at the Opera on live TV! You looked amazing!!

Candy Lush
03/21/2009 14:21

You Looked beautiful, Im going you will have to let me know the names of your SurGENS. x

Doxy Devonshire
03/26/2009 10:47

Ah!! Another miracle at the hands of GeneCO. You're looking great, honey! Saw you at the opera! Did not expect to see what I saw, but I think Mr. Pavi Largo approved. <:D

06/01/2009 06:37

I saw you at the opera! You're singing was okay, but you're kinda gross.
Tell Pavi I say hi!
Hi Graverobber if you're reading these!!!

06/11/2009 17:39

Mary, diabetes starts in the pancreas, not the kidneys. The kidney replacement, though it probably did save your life, hasn't gotten rid of your disease. You should still be treating it, or GeneCo will get that beautiful body of yours back sooner than I think you'd like.

You were rather smashing at the opera, however.

07/09/2009 00:16

Hey, me and my family saw you on TV awhile ago. It was a great show, but my parents ended up having to send the smaller children out of the room.

You looked great though, those surGENS did a great job :)

04/02/2010 18:51

Your breasteses were like... THERE... at the opera the other night.

graveyard crow
06/09/2010 22:46

so how does the zydrate feel as it enter ur vains slowly numbing the pain of ur new body

Samantha Yashi
07/28/2010 09:28

You sounded GREAT at Opera Tv last night. You're so lucky gettung Pavi's attention.

BTW: Nice boobs

09/18/2010 19:19

You looked fantastic at the opera! Great breasts :)

11/14/2012 08:36

I would have loved to see you on live tv but missed it. Any recording existing?


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