"My wife and I wanted to have children desperately, but she had a hysterectomy due to uterine cancer early in our marriage. At the time, we rejected a transplant on grounds of finances and the thought that we would be able to adopt. However, it was those reasons of finance that lead to the government adoption agency turning us down. They suggested contacting GeneCo about easy organ payments, and a year later, we're well on our way to becoming parents! Thank you, GeneCo!"

Marco, 32, Indiana



08/19/2008 17:47

This is far from true! If you want the whole truth from Marco, please check out our website.

I can't believe GeneCo would even post this as a TESTIMONIAL after what they did to poor Marco and his wife!

12/05/2008 07:58

This is quite amazing! I never how much one company can help so many people in horrible situations. You go, GeneCo!

12/25/2008 17:07

Wow! Now you see it's testimonials like this that make GeneCo such a trustworthy company to believe in!

Hannelore Quin
01/16/2009 20:39

Down with GeneCo! They've destroyed so many more lives than they've saved!

Kali Lenae
01/28/2009 14:36

Maybe now that Amber Sweet and her brothers are running Geneco things will get better. Don't give up on Geneco yet!

05/26/2009 20:12

How would a Repo man reposses that? They'd have to reposess the kid too, wouldn't they?

07/07/2009 07:36

I hope we can hear more of genco and their changes soon

02/07/2010 13:27

how wonderful.......you'll soon be parents have fun with that thanks to GENECO!

Jade Shaw
09/06/2010 23:13

I'd love to hear testimonials from the Largo children, themselves-- they are all so stunning, and I'd love to hear about the process!


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