I just got a baby brother. When he was born he was very little. Daddy sed that he was so happy to see us that he came to soon. His lungs wer to small and he kewd not breath. A man from Geneco came and sed that he can give him new ones. Thank you Geneco for helping my baby brother.

April - age 7



01/29/2009 10:59

Pray that your parents never miss a payment, April. Pray as hard as you can.

03/25/2009 14:20

I think with Amber, Pavi and Luigi running Geneco it will be a much better company and I think its stories like this that prove it.

Sebastia Mc Farlan
05/14/2009 05:41

Geneco save my Life.
They are gods!

07/13/2009 17:06

This is a automatic reposession notice. A Genetic Repo man has been dispatched to collect any or all unpaid organs that you have received. In an effort to save our paying customers from paying higher premiums, organ repossessions may take place without anesthetic. Thank you for your time.

07/22/2009 14:15

GeneCo transformed me from an ugly man to the most beautiful woman immaginable! thank you GeneCo!

Blind Mag
11/11/2009 06:59

GeneCo Saves Everyone,
Just Don't Miss A Payment...

07/16/2010 16:21

Before GeneCo, me anatomy was completely repressed!

10/23/2010 01:48

Enjoy your blog very much. I have read your chest on frame article noticed you make your own forged nails from common nails. I wonder if you might tell how you do this in a future blog.

10/27/2010 23:38

Excellent internet site, the place did you arrive up with all the information on this piece of writing? I’m happy I observed it although, I'll be checking again quickly to find out what other posts you could have.

02/13/2011 16:26

Congrats.. you have a baby.. they're gift..

02/26/2011 09:17

o.o Well then...

09/09/2011 10:49


05/30/2012 22:32

What is this even


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