“Finding out I had cancer in my left lung was devastating. But then I heard about GeneCo and got a new lung using their organ financing. Now I don’t have to worry about my cancer moving to other organs, because the cancer is all gone! Thanks, GeneCo!”

- Marie, 55, California



12/28/2008 06:00

Sign me up, damn it. I can't wait for the opera to come out.

02/26/2009 18:41

Before surgery, I was a useless wreck. Now, thanks to GeneCo I've qualified for Special Forces!

09/08/2009 23:35

You Series?

04/22/2010 20:43

I got a new, stronger back so that I could get larger breasts without the back pain. Now I don't even need to wear a bra! Thanks GeneCo!

(if anyone wants to help me make payments I'm a week away from repossession, please help me!)


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