"For our 50th anniversary this year, my wife and I decided to get double full-body replacements. We both look and feel like we are in our 20s again, and the activity in our personal lives has definitely tripled! With GeneCo, we could live forever! GeneCo definitely gave us the easy way out of a dull, stale relationship, and has allowed us to feel like we're young again! We're going on our third honeymoon, and we have GeneCo to thank!!"
- Charles, 78, and Gina, 76, Massachusetts



01/29/2009 11:01

GeneCo owns your entire body, Charlie. All of it. Miss one little payment and you're both going to die.

03/22/2010 23:13

Ah who cares if you miss one payment? You're both old now anyways enjoy your new bodies! If you hadn't gotten the full body replcements you'd probly be dead by now anyways! I get paid by the body anyways...

10/16/2010 00:26

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10/23/2010 03:00

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