I just got a baby brother. When he was born he was very little. Daddy sed that he was so happy to see us that he came to soon. His lungs wer to small and he kewd not breath. A man from Geneco came and sed that he can give him new ones. Thank you Geneco for helping my baby brother.

April - age 7


"My wife and I wanted to have children desperately, but she had a hysterectomy due to uterine cancer early in our marriage. At the time, we rejected a transplant on grounds of finances and the thought that we would be able to adopt. However, it was those reasons of finance that lead to the government adoption agency turning us down. They suggested contacting GeneCo about easy organ payments, and a year later, we're well on our way to becoming parents! Thank you, GeneCo!"

Marco, 32, Indiana


"I'm a brittle diabetic, and a single mother of two small children. Taking care of them would be difficult enough, but the cost of insulin was making it even worse; the kids took priority, and I figured a halfway healthy diet would be enough to keep me alive. I didn't count on the bruising that my feet would take between work and stepping on their toys - the bruising gave way to cuts, and then infection. The doctor said that the infection, along with the neglecting my insulin, meant that I'd need a kidney transplant to live another two years. I was devastated. He mentioned GeneCo's easy organ financing, but I was sure it'd never work for me due to my terrible credit. However, the financial officers were very sympathetic and offered me terms I couldn't refuse. With a monthly payment low enough that even I could afford it, I was on my way to new kidneys and a new life. While undergoing my first examination by GeneCo's doctors, the sores on my feet and legs were noted, and the possibility of leg transplants was brought up. I said I was just grateful to have my kidneys taken care of; in fact, I'd been gushing to everybody I knew about how amazing GeneCo really is. Maybe it was my story, maybe it was the gratitude, but it caught the attention of Rotti Largo himself. He sent a Gentern down with a proposal - a full-body makeover for a very low monthly payment, in exchange for appearing at the planned Genetic Opera to testify to the world how GeneCo had saved me. How could I say no? Now I have new kidneys, feet, and legs, breast implants, a few small nips and tucks, and new skin to cover up scars and stretch marks. Thanks to GeneCo, I'm not only going to live to see my children graduate, but also look smashing on live TV! Thank you, GeneCo! I can't sing your praises enough!"

- Mary, 28, Los Angeles


“Finding out I had cancer in my left lung was devastating. But then I heard about GeneCo and got a new lung using their organ financing. Now I don’t have to worry about my cancer moving to other organs, because the cancer is all gone! Thanks, GeneCo!”

- Marie, 55, California


"For our 50th anniversary this year, my wife and I decided to get double full-body replacements. We both look and feel like we are in our 20s again, and the activity in our personal lives has definitely tripled! With GeneCo, we could live forever! GeneCo definitely gave us the easy way out of a dull, stale relationship, and has allowed us to feel like we're young again! We're going on our third honeymoon, and we have GeneCo to thank!!"
- Charles, 78, and Gina, 76, Massachusetts


"We all know what happens when we get older as men, in, well, the bedroom. But GeneCo has discovered a way to avoid having to take medicine to make our wives happy! I got myself a nice organ replacement, and it is better than the original in too many ways to count! GeneCo, you guys think of everything!"
- Rob, 57, Maine


"Hi, I just wanted to tell everyone out there that because of GeneCo, I am able to have children!  I suffered with infertility my entire life, and I always wanted children.  I was able to finance my organs, and instead of paying a boatload of money for one *attempt* at having a child, I paid a reasonable amount and am not able to have as many as I want, without having to shell out anything extra (besides my low monthly payments). Thank you GeneCo!"
- Elizabeth, 32, California


"Six years ago I developed a condition called Crohn's Disease. If you know anything about it, it is very difficult to live with! With GeneCo's easy payment plans, I was able to get a whole new digestive system, and now I can go about my daily errands without having to worry about embarrassing accidents!! GeneCo, you guys are lifesavers!"
- Hillary, 44, Montana


"I was born with a congenital heart defect and was not expected to live past the age of 10. That is, until GENECO came along. With their manufactured organs and easy payment plans, my parents were able to get me a brand new heart and I have now lived long past the age of 10. I could not have made it this far without GENECO!"
- Amanda, 23, Michigan



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