GeneCo – serving better body solutions through advanced implant technologies.”™

Are you feeling trapped? Hopeless? When you look at your X-ray, do you cringe? Then let us help! We listen to YOU to find a personalized solution that meets YOUR needs. At GeneCo, an affordable organ makeover is just a simple financing away because we believe that you shouldn’t have to be a millionaire to own a million dollar body. GeneCo is here to help you take control of your life…because it’s what’s on your insides that count.

GeneCo’s surGENs® specialize in high end, yet affordable, designer organ transplants and a wide range of the newest body accessories. Through a unique synergy of biotechnologists and Italian designers, we carry the latest in human organic/synthetic anitomica of every kind, from Achilles tendons to vertebrae. GeneCo also provides routine blood changes and genetic alterations. Visit your local GeneCo office today and schedule a free consultation with one of our lovely Genterns®. They are here to assist you in designing the body that you’ve always wanted – inside, and out.

Visit one of GeneCo’s soothing, state-of-the-art in-patient suites, where a beautiful Gentern® will plug you into our extensive virtual library while simultaneously anesthetizing you. Browse our impressive book, music and movie collection as your body slowly drifts into blissful unconsciousness. There, your mind will be free to absorb the soothing sounds of Puccini’s “Madama Butterfly”, or Charlton Heston’s personalized reading of “The Count of Monte Cristo”. While GeneCo’s surGENs® are gently sculpting away at the new you, you will be comfortably experiencing a live-taping of your favorite TV show, or exploring the backlot of your favorite old movie. And at GeneCo’s new You’re the Star Program, at no extra cost, your friends and family can join the fun by watching your surgery online and in real time. When you awake, you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated at the sight of that familiar stranger in the mirror.

Easy Credit Approval

GeneCo is happy to be of service to our customers, by offering easy credit approval with no pre-existing debt credit check. We make sure any patient has the ability to make the right economic choice to survive in these difficult times. We offer many different installment plans and offer a 90-day grace period* to established customers, in case your financial burdens become too much.

*- GeneCo allows no exceptions to the 90-day grace period, for any organ loans that go beyond the ninety day grace period, a Genetic Repo Man will be dispatched to collect any and all GeneCo organs and all organs will revert back to GeneCo as rightful owner. In an effort to save our paying customers from paying higher premiums, organ repossessions may take place without anesthetic.

All clinical material published by GeneCo on our website is for informational, and promotional purposes only. Readers are encouraged to confirm the information contained herein with their local GeneCo branch. The information is not intended to replace medical advice offered by physicians. GeneCo will not be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, special, exemplary, or other damages arising therefrom. Consumers should note that all organs are subject to payment plans, and in the case of default GeneCo reserves the right to repossess said organs.

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